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USA - Online Betting

Online betting in USA has been regarded many years as illegal by some. The truth is that the US have not properly regulated online betting in the past, while offline bets were legal only in certain establishments like casinos that operate in few places around the US like Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or several Indian reservations. In 2006, the US have passed the UIGEA document that basically prohibited financial institutions like banks and payment processors to process any sort of payments related to online gambling. In more recent years, different states around the US started regulating online betting and some operators started offering online betting services to users within the borders of the regulating state (ex: Nevada).

Below we have a list of online sports betting operators for US users that we recommend:

Operator Bonus Bonus Details
Betfair - - New Jersey
William Hill $50 - Nevada

All above bookies are regulated within US states which makes them safe to bet in those US territories.