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Europe - Online Betting

When it comes to Europe, we have the most diverse betting landscape. There are part of the countries where users can bet with ease at any online bookmaker (better off with one licensed under a European Union jurisdiction like Malta, or a jurisdiction like Gibraltar that is a territory of UK).

In some other countries however there have introduced local laws that regulate the online betting industry. This was done for different reasons, but the main one to collect taxes that are due for offering such services within their borders. Users that reside in such countries need to bet only with such online bookmakers.

Below we have a list of recommended online betting websites for European users:

Operator Bonus Bonus Details
Unibet €25 Unibet bonus info & bonus code
Betway €100 Betway bonus info & promo code
ComeOn €25 ComeOn bonus info & voucher code
Betsafe €20 Betsafe bonus info & bonus code

While in most European countries is fine to bet any of these websites, there are several jurisdictions where clients should bet with local regulated sportsbooks like: Spain - apuestas deportivas, Italy - scommesse sportive, Denmark - sportsvæddemål, France, Belgium, Romania, Portugal.

For the list of regulated countries in Europe, unfortunately the betting offer for clients would be more limited as there is lower competitions, different fees and local taxes that need to be paid. Users are not usually required to do anything in regards to local taxes and these would be collected directly by the bookmakers on the winning bets or turnover, as per the requirements of each country.